Friday, July 6, 2012

Sanoviv Medical Institute

This is where Brad should've been able to go : Sanoviv Medical Institute . The cost per week is very reasonable and he most certainly had more than enough resources to pay for treatment there.

 But, as Dennis C. Hightower, his friend of 30 years said to me, "he's going to die so why waste good money?" That was Dennis's answer when I said no, I would not "cut him in" if he told me where Brad's assets and accounts were located, but I hoped, as Brad's long-time friend, he would tell me so that I could access the funds to save his life or at least give him a chance.  But that offer did nothing for Dennis who left for a tropical vacation soon thereafter paid for by Brad's relatives. I believe he was accompanied by Kathleen Kiernan who is the sister of Dermot Kiernan of Junior Gym at 2218 Cotner Ave.  Los Angeles 90064.

The vacation they enjoyed was on the Sims family corporate time-share and was the vacation Brad had planned for us to go on prior to his last horrific surgery.

Vultures who sell out their close friends.  Those are the kind of people who can never be trusted with anything. Those are the kind of people who will turn on a dime, roll over for $1.50 and a bag of peanuts. I bet old Dennis is shaking in his shoes now. Ha. Ha. sweating is good, it's cleansing.

Dennis posed as Brad to sign documents in his behalf when Brad was very ill, as a favor to Elizabeth Sims, who was always after Brad to sign stuff. That had to have taken place at financial institutions that needed a signature in person rather than one of the phony notarized signatures the Sims normally relied on. (after Brad died Elizabeth asked me to provide her with 10 official copies of his death certificate)

I bet dumb Dennis has had his name used on financial documents from here to Kalamazoo. Looks to me like that's how it works. Once in, the name is used and re-used. Whoever offers Dennis the best vacation and bag of peanuts will get all the info he has.

In his next "cut me in and I'll make you a deal" conversation, Dennis finally asked me in exasperation "So, WHAT is it that you WANT ??" My answer was pretty simple. Brad was dying, and with him our life together, what we had and whatever we might have had. All of it. Gone.

More specifically, Brad was dying like a poor man on crack who never earned or saved a dime in his whole life, in a shanty run down apartment while being denied access to his own funds for real medical care. I found out later that this "best friend" informed Brad that I didn't love him and couldn't wait for him to die so I could find another man.. he told him this while Brad was in great pain and heavily medicated. This same "friend" was so excited about how he was going to profit off the situation he was crapping himself. (Dennis) Think I sound bitter? Well bitter is way too nice of a word to describe how I feel about it.

This was my answer to Dennis C. Hightower: I want to bring them down. Everyone who embezzled Brad's assets. Everyone who helped them. All the way down. That's what I want.

I think the Sims family filed a self-serving Probate and or Trust Administration in Los Angeles County with insider help. (maybe Stephen Nicolopolous?) I think Justin Shrenger was the Sims family attorney who set up phony survivor trusts which allowed them to transfer our assets to their own use. I think this attorney friend of Justin's (who gave me Justin's name and was so happily excited about my call) was told I was missing, a drug addict on the street or wandering crazed with grief in the gutter somewhere. I think he innocently participated in the rip-off. (I thought about looking up his name again to call him and beg but why bother, now he's probably a nervous wreck with knowledge.)

This is not Nazi Germany, is it? A place where those in power strip citizens of their rights and take what they want??

01/24/1995 Sold @ $121,700.00    "This home was foreclosed & bank owned"
03/30/1995 Sold @ $205,000.00
07/12/2006 Sold # $754,000.00 Stephen Nicolopulous to Justin Shrenger
07/12/2006 Lender Name: Inter Mountain MTG 
12/30/2009 Sold @ $480,000.00  "This home was Foreclosed & Bank owned"
12/30/2009 Grantor Justin Shrenger, Grantee US Bank National Association Trust, Citigroup Loan 2006 Fx1 (Trust) and C/O Midland Mortgage Co.
10/15/2010 Sold @ $350,000.00

  • Ground Rush Services : 14429 Firmona Ave. lawndale, Ca. 90260
  • Ground Rush Asset Management LLC : 2004 - 2006 Florida
  • Ground Rush Entertainment Inc : Filed in California  2003
  • Karen R. Bush @ Midland Mortgage Co  Filed in Oklahoma 1972. (Karen D. Bush was Brad's girlfriend 1978 - 1986)
  • Lynn Kennelly, Executive Director, Willits Chamber of Commerce. Wife of Dave Kennelly of Intermountain Manufacturing in Willits, Ca, the 7-12-06 "lender" to Justin Shrenger. 
  • SunWize Technologies Inc : Also located in Willits, Ca (population 4,888) : This business is owned by Debbie and Wayne Robertson. They're the parents of Sean Robertson, who has been my daughter's boyfriend since he relocated to Eureka from Ventura County in early 2007 to work as a clerk at the Eureka Costco. The Robertson family have been extremely unhappy with me over the writing of this blog.. Since they've lived in Willits for at least 30 years, and certainly must know the Kennelly family, I do wonder about the source of their discontent, which has been expressed consistently through their awful behavior toward me.. But, they have wined & dined my daughter, while convincing her that I am delusional and  not deserving of any help to survive this ordeal. I feel that Sean Robertson's sudden appearance in Humboldt county in 2007, combined with his and his parents attitude toward me, is probably more than a coincidence. Why would these wealthy well-connected business owners make it their personal mission to treat me with such disrespect? What is their interest in my daughter?