Justin J. Shrenger

King of Hearts: What do you know about this unfortunate affair?
March Hare: Nothing.
Queen of Hearts: Nothing whatever?
March Hare: Nothing whatever!
Queen of Hearts: [shouts] That's very important! Jury, write that down!

Partheon Holdings, LLC
# 199506710011
333 Grand Ave 33rd Floor
Los Angeles, CA. 90071
Date Incorporated : 03/08/1995
Agent : Jason Cao
Executive : Justin J. Shrenger
Status : Suspended

Eidetics Corporation :
# C1954364
3425 Lomita Blvd.
Torrance, Ca. 90505
Date Incorporated : 12/04/1995
Agent / Executive Name : Justin J. Shrenger
Certificate of Dissolution : 09/02/2003
Status : Suspended  03/02/2009

Business Associates @ 3425 Lomita Blvd :
Deep Magic LLC; Eidetics Security Systems; Grand Nash Properties LLC; 
Law offfices of Justin J. Shrenger; Pelican Partners II LLC; Pelican 
Development; V-Star Trading International.

Wilshire Pacific Investment, Inc :
# C2038861
3425 Lomita blvd.
Torrance, CA. 90505
Corporate ID : C2038861
Date Incorporated : 04/30/1998
State of Incorporation : CA
Agent / President : Justin Shrenger
Franchise Tax Board Suspension : 02/02/2004
Status : Suspended

Business Associates @ 3425 Lomita Blvd:
China America United; Deep Magic LLC; Eidetics Corporation (s)

Eslite International, Inc :
# C2101819
105 Garvey  Ave C
Monterey Park, CA 91755
Date Incorporated: 02/08/1999
State of Incorporation : CA
Secretary of State Suspension : 11/13/2001
Status : Suspended

Business Associates @ 105 Garvey Ave :
America Asia Travel Center Inc; American Everyday International Trade & 
Ad Development Corp; American Wan Xin International Trading C; American 
Sky-Sun International Trade Inc; American Yuan Feng International Trade 
Inc; Dong Chuan International (U.S.A.) Inc; Empire Communication 
International; Far East Comp Trade; first Stop Mortgage; JC Financial; 
Mat Mortgage Inc; RCT International; S F Business Co.

3425 Lomita Blvd.
Torrance, Ca. 90505
Executive : Justin J. Shrenger
Date Incorporated : 10/02/2001
Status :  Suspended

3425 Lomita Blvd.
Torrance, Ca. 90505
Executive : Justin J. Shrenger
Date Incorporated : 11/14/2002
Status : Dissolved

3425 Lomita Blvd.
Torrance, Ca. 90505
Executive : Justin J. Shrenger
Date Incorporated : 12/13/2002
Status : Active

Carmel Investments Company Inc :
# C34732003
1324 Tempo St
Henderson,. NV. 89052
Date Incorporated : 02/13/2003
State of Incorporation : Nevada
Agent name : Jason Cao
President: Justin Shrenger
Stocks : par value : $1
No Par Shares : 75000
Status : Revoked

Business Associates at 1324 Tempo St :
AAA Properties; G.F. International; Pan Pacific Business Inc.
Business Associates at 3425 Lomita Blvd, Torrence CA 90505 :
Wilshire Pacific investment Inc; V-Star Trading International Inc ; 
Virtual Media Vision inc

# 2003-18910020
750 Gonzales Rd Ste 110
Oxnard, Ca. 93036
Domestic LLC
Employees : 2
Date Incorporated : 06/02/2003
Status : Not Active

Business Associates @ 750 Gonzales Rd :
Jamul Associates LLC; Realty Services; Riverpark Development LLC.
Business Associates @ 777 Poli Street, Ventura,Ca :
Vona Snow; Christopher Montgomery; Snow Trust

3425 Lomita Blvd.
Torrance, Ca. 90505
Executive : Justin J. Shrenger
Date Incorporated : 08/08/2003
Status : Dissolved

3425 Lomita Blvd.
Torrance, Ca. 90505
Executive : Justin J. Shrenger
Date Incorporated : 10/22/2003
Status : Active

3440 Wilshire Blvd. # 801
Los Angeles, Ca. 90010
Executive : Justin J. Shrenger
Date Incorporated : 09/06/2005
Status : Suspended

34440 Wilshire Blvd. # 810
Los Angeles, Ca. 90010
Executive : Justin J. Shrenger
Date Incorporated : 11/28/2005
Status : Not Active

# 200533610067
3128 Barbydell Drive
Los Angeles, Ca. 90064
Date Incorporated : 12/01/2005
Employees : 1
Status : Active

Business Associates at 3128 Barbydell :
Execpro; Jean Roberts of Calif Inc.; Kratos Enterprises LLC (Stephen 
Nicolopolus); Polias Enterprises LLC; Braun & Associates; Peter 
Braunstein & Associates; Junior Gym inc.
Owner of 3128 Barbydell : Polias Associates

# C2821903
Los Angeles, Ca.
Date Incorporated : 12/20/2005
Agent / President : Justin Shrenger
Franchise Tax Board Suspension : 06/02/2008
Status : Suspended

P.O. Box 1084
Newport Beach, Ca. 92659
Executive : Justin J. Shrenger
Date Incorporated : 04/10/2006
Status : Dissolved

3440 Wilshire Blvd. # 810
Los Angeles, Ca. 90010
Executives : Justin J Shrenger, Lin Xue
Date Incorporated : 01/19/2007
Status : Dissolved 04/11/2008

3440 Wilshire Blvd. # 810
Los Angeles, Ca. 90071
Executive : Justin J. Shrenger
Date Incorporated : 03/30/2007
Status : Suspended

15032 Red Hill Ave. # C
Tustin, Ca. 92780
Agent : Jennifer hall
Executives: Justin J. Shrenger, Yanling Wang
Date Incorporated : 07/31/2007
Status : Active

Assessee: Polias Associates LLC
Assessee Address: 3128 Barbydell Drive,
Los Angeles, CA. 90064
Property Address: 3367 Barbydell Drive, Los Angeles, CA.90064
Assessed year : 2007
APN # : 4316-023-017
Sales price : $1,170,011.00
Sales date : 08/31/2006
Prior sales date : 02/25/

34440 Wilshire Blvd. # 810
Los Angeles, Ca. 90010
Agent : Justin J. Shrenger
Date Incorporated : 07/15/2009
Status : Active

Justin J. Shrenger & Justin Eugene Evans

I came across Justin J. Shrenger in 2009 & he became my Facebook "friend" for over a year. During that time he did not inform me of his connection to the Sims family & associates. I believe he was on my FB page and stayed in touch with me in order to gather information that might benefit his clients & business partners. 

 The facebook messages below were sent from Justin Eugene Evans, who is an associate of Justin Shrenger. Justin Shrenger & Justin Evans are both affiliated with Chinese Investment corporations. (See in the links listed below; Cic Development Corporation and Mystic Arts of California & China)

"Justin is the founder, former CEO & Creative Director of Mystic Arts in Beijing as well as the owner and producer of Humble Magi, LLC and Oojah, LLC, which have offices in New Mexico and Michigan. He has been a film professor and art director in the video game industry. Justin was also the writer, director, cinematographer, producer, editor and art director for the 2007 film, "Saturday Night Special".

    • My Life Was Nearly Destroyed By Justin Shrenger...And I Know Many Of His Secrets
      The title says it all. If you are interested I'd love to talk to you about this sociopath. Seeing him behind bars is one of my obsessions.

      - Justin
  • Justin Eugene Evans
    • Hello there. I'm Justin Evans, another one of the evil Justin Shrenger's victims.
  • Jessica Christensen
    • Justin, I'm having a yard sale today & Saturday but could call you this evening. 310-591-6074. I'm sorry to hear that you lost your son. I don't know Justin personally but I have no doubt he is a sociopath.
    • I'm interested in hearing what happened .
  • Justin Eugene Evans
    • He stalked my wife and I for three years. He was my attorney and helped me set up an animation studio in China. When I discovered the studio was a money-laundering front I quit.
    • I was still a Christian at the time. At the suggestion of my pastor I sent him a "forgiveness email." It was the worst mistake of my life. He suffers from Narcissistic Personality Disorder and interpreted my forgiveness as smug and condescending...
  • Jessica Christensen
    • he's affiliated with organized crime I think?
  • Justin Eugene Evans
    • ...he stalked me and my wife for years. He'd send people to our house in the middle of the night to knock on the door and scream "I'm going to KILL you." My wife had a miscarriage because of the extreme stress.
  • Jessica Christensen
    • wow.
  • Justin Eugene Evans
    • He's affiliated with a relatively minor Chinese criminal. Not someone physically dangerous.
    • His name is Howard Hui Zheng.
    • He was a Communist Party Boss in Dalian.
    • He used Justin Shrenger to smuggle money out of CHina.
  • Jessica Christensen
    • what year ?
  • Justin Eugene Evans
    • Justin wanted me to help him. I watched him as he dumped over 150 grand on a bed and said "you can make this too." I said "Yeah, because I'm a talented filmmaker. I don't need to do this."
    • That was the beginning of the end of our relationship.
  • Jessica Christensen
    • what year did that happen?
  • Justin Eugene Evans
    • That was 2002. He stalked me and my wife until 2006 when we returned from China to the US and filed bankruptcy...bankruptcy was the only way we could protect ourselves from the monster. Our attorney said "Well, you can file a restraining order. But, he's too smart and it won't prevent him from doing what he's doing. Or, if you file bankruptcy and name him a creditor the law is so comprehensive that he cannot contact anyone you know for fear of being labeled a retaliatory creditor."
  • Justin Eugene Evans
    • I lost everything because of this monster. I nearly lost my wife. I lost my company. I lost my career and have only begun to rebuild it. I probably lost almost 10 years total. I was 29 when I met him and I'm 38 now...and only now am I beginning to make strides as a filmmaker again.
  • Justin Eugene Evans
    • I know a lot about his finances in the US. I know many of his partners. I know how he smuggles money out of China. I know he doesn't pay taxes on it. I'm only guessing, but he could be using the property schemes you've discovered as a way to launder his money.
    • I have to go to a business meeting. But, I'll call you tonight. You can also call me at 505.803.5305.
  • Jessica Christensen
    • I'd love to talk to you more, but I'm late for getting to my friends house to start the yard sale. I really am interested. Ok you have to go too. Talk to you later then.
  • Justin Eugene Evans
    • Thank you for friending me.
  • Jessica Christensen
    • :-) sure
  • Justin Eugene Evans
    • Have a good day. :)
  • Jessica Christensen
    • Hi Justin,

      sorry my phone battery died ! It was interesting to talk to you and I appreciate you contacting me. Also very glad that my blog has helped you a little, it took many hours to post all that info and I was just thinking this morning whether it would do any good.

      Re the possibility of an Escobar connection : I think it's worth looking into. I've seen the Escobar name (Pablo & Erlinda in Los Angeles county) multiple times and the last name "Love" is another fictional name used 100's of times at the least. "love" is also connected to Michael Wimberly, who is a YAHOO! executive and a partner in Hi-Point Townhomes. (The 2007 Los Angeles County judgement has "Veronica Love" as a defendant.)

      Brad & I split up when we were young because of his family and his drug use. So there were spaces of time in his life we were not in touch and I only knew vaguely what he was doing during those years. Later when we got back together and then married, he filled in some of the gaps.

      Brad sold cocaine during the late 70's / 80's and when he drank (which was way too often) he would tell me stories about the things he experienced during the years we were apart.

      So I know he was involved in the Los Angeles/New York drug underworld with some very dangerous people. Brad was an exceptionally brave man and had no fear in youthful days.. the things he told me described a drug underworld I've never seen except in the movies.

      Brad's father was also involved with prostitution via high-priced call-girls who worked in Los Angeles and Las Vegas. Brad told me the clients were high-powered organized crime and business men.

      So I think it is very possible that drug money has a part in the real estate and securities investments.

      I like the idea of recording all my information permanently but I'd have to have something in writing before I'd be willing to send it to anyone. Currently there are multiple copies of the most significant papers kept by my closest friends and family. London, Philippines, US, they're all over.. to leave a good trail in case that's needed.

      I've had attorneys repeatedly ask for all my records (emphasis on all) .. so I understand they want to know exactly what i have so they can try to clean it up. (emphasis on try ! ) There's no way they could find all the copies and they can't kill everyone without that being noticed.

      I'm pretty tired from all the moving and lifting and carting (etc) should be a rested within a few days.

      I'm really happy you contacted me.

  • Jessica Christensen
    • haven't heard from you, assuming you've lost interest or have reconsidered your potential involvement. Is that accurate?
  • Justin Eugene Evans
    • I apologize. I am interested and we should talk again within the next couple days. The first few days after we spoke was spent speaking with my wife. Now, I have to talk with my attorney.
  • Justin Eugene Evans
    • Are you interested in coordinating California Bar complaints? I'll have time in about a week to do this. If we do this at roughly the same time Justin Shrenger will have to answer two bar complaints simultaneously...and the bar is going to have a tougher time ignoring two different parties with no relationship of mutual history.

      If we do it right we might be able to get him disbarred. And, that would make it much easier to deal with him in a civil suit because he'd have to hire an attorney to represent him in court.

      His #1 weapon is his legal license. Take that from him and he is just an angry dishonest schlepp.
  • Jessica Christensen
    • Yes I'
    • yes, I'd be interested in filing a complaint with the state bar. I'll have more time later in the month also.
  • Jessica Christensen
    • What I'm wondering is why you haven't filed a complaint with the state bar in all this time, since you said your experience with JS happened in 2002. Also, what makes you think he would be disbarred? And how could you sue him in civil court when it is now 9 years later? What would your cause of action be called?
  • Justin Eugene Evans
    • I didn't file earlier because I didn't know anything about the process. I was concerned he could sue me for complaining. It turns out the process is sealed and protected; attorneys are not allowed file slander/libel/defamation suits as a response to a complaint. All they can do is defend themselves against the bar.

      That's another critical distinction; when we complain to the bar it decides whether or not to proceed with a hearing. If it does we have nothing to do with it (other than possibly be a witness.) We win nothing. We are not a party in the hearing. They decide whether the attorney should be sanctioned or disbarred. So, we have to be satisfied with that result; there is no money for us or judgement for us by pursuing this process.

      As for the 9 years, it isn't 9 years since he ceased his stalking. That's only been 4...and the statute of limitations is 7 years. So, I have 3 more years to pursue him in civil court.

      My goal is to have him disbarred and then sue him in civil court. This means he can't represent himself (by being disbarred it is against the law for him to represent himself.) That means any civil suit will be EXTREMELY expensive for him.

      Now, imagine if both of us are doing that at the same time. How does he withstand such an attack?

      I'd be sueing him for a variety of civil claims including legal malpractice, intellectual property theft, tortious interference, defamation and legal harassment.

      - Justin
  • Jessica Christensen
    20 hours ago
    • Ok that sounds reasonable. What do you suggest I sue him for?
    • what cause of action ?
  • Justin Eugene Evans
    19 hours ago
    • Jessica -

      With your complaint to the bar you won't be filing a lawsuit; you're filing a complaint that he's violated the California Bar's code of conduct. Essentially, we are both whistle blowers bringing his unethical attention to the California Bar...and they then bring him in for private hearings to decide:

      1.) if our complaints are factual.
      2.) if so, what is the appropriate punishment.
      3.) if they are extremely serious violations of the Code of Conduct should his license to practice be revoked.

      You and I do not get any money. But, he will no longer be a lawyer.

      Then, you and I should talk about separate civil law suits. And, those will pretty much crush him; there aren't enough hours in the day to defend oneself against TWO aggressive civil law suits. How do you pay for TWO legal teams? How do you schedule TWO depositions? How does a single human being withstand that kind of an attack?

      And, I'll happily be a witness in your civil suit and I'd hope you'd be the same for me. Together we're unstoppable.

      But, the first step is to strip him of the right to practice law.

      - Justin
  • Jessica Christensen
    18 hours ago
    • Sounds reasonable. How to begin this action ?
  • Justin Eugene Evans
    16 hours ago
    • Jessica -

      Would you mind writing your first draft of the Bar complaint? You should review the California Bar Code of Conduct. You were not his client so you aren't making that kind of a complaint. You're complaint is based on evidence that he has broken the law...which is enough to be disbarred.

      My complaint will be similar but with the added twist that he was both my attorney and business partner.

      And, together, our complaints complete a picture we each only possessed a piece of; why Justin Shrenger smuggles money in from China and how he cleans it once it is in the US. I will also be able to refer the bar to specific incidents (such as an illegal loan arrangement he had with his client, Ray Fischer. Justin Shrenger borrowed money from his client Ray Fischer...then, in a fit of stupidity and rage, refused to repay the loan and told Ray that the terms of the agreement were unfair...even though JUSTIN SHRENGER DRAFTED THE DOCUMENTS. Ray sought the help of a powerful attorney at Sony Pictures and the whole problem went away before a suit was filed. But, that alone is grounds for censure.)

  • Justin Eugene Evans
    16 hours ago
    • I will do the same. But, my family is on vacation this week. However, I'll write my first draft of my bar complaint.

      Then, we should have our complaints vetted by my attorney. And, then we need to redraft them. We only get one shot at this...we may need to do 3-4 drafts in order to structure the arguments logically and understandably.

      Lawyers do not enjoy punishing other lawyers. It's a bit like the blue wall amongst cops. If we want lawyers to strip Justin Shrenger of the right to practice law then our complaints have to be completely logical, stripped of overly-emotional language and focused on the facts. If we can do that and he's hit with two complaints at the same time...

      ...he's done being a lawyer.

      - Justin

      Justin Eugene Evans : Yet Another Peeper

      by Jessica Christensen on Tuesday, June 21, 2011 at 1:49pm
      Another of Justin Shrenger's Associates (Justin Eugene Evans) has been sending me FB messages to try to get copies of the research I have. Apparently Justin Shrenger is a bit worried about what I can prove.  (Answer : Lots.)  

      I posted Justin Eugene Evans FB messages on my blog this morning. If you want to read the hogwash he sent me, there it is: 150,00 cash thrown on the bed, Chinese money laundering, people pounding on doors screaming "I will kill you."  etc etc ad nauseam. These people are getting on my last nerve. Who can tell if any of it is true? From what I've seen , it could be. But one thing is clear to me, this guy Justin Evans does not have good intentions. 

      These corporate gangsters are guilty of many things. Ripping us off was just normal procedure for them. 

      But, that was my husband they hurt. That's my family they've nearly destroyed with their thievery. I won't stop until it's done, until the truth of what happened to Brad & I is revealed, along with the larger truth of what is happening to all of us. 
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      • You like this.
        • Justin Eugene Evans I am not an associate of Justin Shrenger. What you've just put online exposes my family to serious repercussions. You just burned the one person who can help you.
          June 21 at 4:21pm ·  ·  1 person
        • Justin Eugene Evans Would you like me to file my complaint first? Would that prove you don't need to destroy me in public and expose me to more vindictive behavior by Justin Shrenger?
          June 21 at 4:23pm ·  ·  1 person
        • Justin Eugene Evans 
          But, posting all our private communications publically could result in serious harm to my family. I trusted you with my life story and you just burned me by putting it out there publically where Justin Shrenger can read it and begin planning revenge AGAIN against my family. That isn't rational behavior. All I asked you to do was to begin drafting your complaint. That's it. I said I was going to do the same. How do you extrapolate a paranoid fantasy that I'm secretly working with the man I hate more than anyone on the planet?
          June 21 at 4:27pm ·  ·  1 person
        • Jessica Christensen YOU should be ashamed of yourself.
          Yesterday at 6:47pm ·