Mortgage Meltdown

I think real estate investment corporations bought entire tracts of land, subdivided, built homes, appraised, listed, & provided services through their affiliated corporations, family members & business associates, then sold back & forth to each other and sometimes to themselves via their (fictional identity) corporate trustees at deliberately inflated prices until dumping the homes onto anybody they could shoe-horn into them via straw buyers, falsely-qualified buyers, fictional names, whatever it took to transfer the sucked-dry-then-some property. 

That in my opinion is the real reason why all these “opportunities” for home ownership became so abundant., followed by mass foreclosures. Just like a pyramid scheme, there had to be losers at the bottom. People in on the early part of the mortgage meltdown ride made a lot of money. People at the tail end are sleeping in campers.

Who made money and who lost money? The private wealth management corporations are even wealthier than before while generational assets have been drained out of millions of working class American families.

What kind of system allows this to happen? What kind of system allows wealthy families to band together, forming legal “entity” vehicles through which they can anonymously buy & sell using fictional identities? What kind of system then passes “privacy” laws that help to protect these fictional identities, aka corporate executives & trustees, from public disclosure of their connected activities?

When searching corporate and real estate records in 2007, actual records via scanned documents were still available abundantly online…you could see signatures and other pertinent information. But after the new “privacy laws” went into effect, many state and county public records online became scantily summarized lists. Which works out great if you want to form 12 different corporations with fictional identity executives & trustees in different counties and states in order to anonymously transact business between them.

We need new laws regarding corporate activity and disclosure. All these fictional name "Family Trusts" and corporate fictional identities buying and selling is a disastrous mess. They are all over the real estate records, like an
enormous connecting web

The cute term "Mortgage Meltdown" is utter bullshit.  What has really happened is more like a "Mortgage Melt-UP. It was not an accident nor unexpected, it was, in my opinion, a planned economic event. The banks did not lose, the wealthy REITS did not lose. The wealth and power of the 1% has grown enormously from the Land Grab that is still taking place right before our eyes. 

The working class population literally lost generations of stability, sucked up into the pockets of the 1%. Millions of families who lost their homes are now forced to pay ridiculous rental rates demanded by the REITS..who, surprise, surprise, now own the same foreclosed properties that they previously "sold" !!  No wonder the rich are getting richer and the rest of us are floating down shit creek in a leaky boat without a paddle, in a land that will soon be called The United Corporations of America. Wake Up America and read the writing on the wall: Corporations are becoming our overlords and we are becoming indentured serfs. 

The closest I've been to real estate investment was when I drew stars by the houses I liked in those glossy real estate flyers that are free at the supermarket. The study of economics never interested me either and given the choice I'd take a latrine-building class over an economics class...hey knowing how to build a working latrine might come in handy someday soon. 

If I had to write an honest resume, I'd have to list my educational background like this: about 7 years staring out the window at public school, 1 year of private school, 2 years community college. No AA degree because I got distracted and didn't apply for it. I left society's protection at age 15 (foster child) and went to work (Jobs were plentiful back then) so I was off the social grid at an early age with not much respect for institutions. 

I saw on the local news that an investigation is currently taking place into the practice of drugging the heck out of foster children, a shocking new revelation they say. That particular secret sure took a long time to be revealed. This drugging has been happening to foster children for at least 40 years. The Doctors who prescribe these medications create revenue for themselves, the pharmaceutical companies, the distribution companies, and of course, the shareholders. Group homes are incorporated. 

I lived in a Group Home in Hollywood when I was 16. I entered that Group Home in order to attend High School; there was no other way to enroll without ID or parents of some kind. It was a big 2-story Hollywood home on (1201 I think) Alta Loma Rd, still there, french doors, maid's quarters in back. There wasn't much food & the kitchen had a massive infestation of cockroaches that would jump out & land on your head when a cupboard was opened. Poorly furnished except for the (28 yr old) director's room upstairs, which was another world unto itself, real fur carpets on the floor, very plush, state of the art everything. Some of the girls thought it an honor of some sort to be invited into that room.

Shortly after moving in I began noticing that the other kids were not attending school and sat around a lot. When I asked re enrolling in school, the people running this place didn't have much to say. When I asked for bus money to get to school, thinking I'd take myself there, they said no. I finally enrolled in night school at Hollywood high and hitch-hiked there & back for a while. I stopped doing that because I kept getting propositioned by rich men in expensive cars.

Soon the Group Home owners asked me to try taking a prescription drug that would "make things easier for me" or some such horsehit. I declined that offer, but finally, under pressure, agreed to take it for 3 days before making a "final decision". I took it for the agreed upon 3 days, then stopped. No wonder the kids were so passively willing to live in that environment, it made me feel foggy and disoriented. Seeing this, no school, no activities, girls going into the "invitation only" suite upstairs, my next thought was "I'm out of here." 

My method for the out-of-here plan was to confront the group home owners. They owned an apt building on Franklin Ave in Hollywood and I wanted a studio there. I told them it would be much better for me to have that studio as compared to living in the Group Home and being forced to turn them in for drugging kids, statutory rape, etc. No, I didn't feel bad about leaving those kids or those roaches behind. 

They gave me the studio apt & I got a job down the street at Mel's Diner on Hollywood Blvd. I can't recall whether it was called Mel's back then, but that was the diner. My shift started at 5:30 am and I was glad to get there since this was back in the day when meals were free for waitresses, and made-to-order steak breakfasts were common, especially if you were in the good graces of the cook. I went shopping at boutiques on Hollywood Blvd, took the bus to Vidal Sassoon in Beverly Hills to get my hair cut ($16.00 back then for a student cut, no blow dry) ..rode my bike, went horseback riding in the hills, went to movies. The area was a little sketchy and pimps used to come into the Diner with their girls. What a world. 

My most influential  teachers were my houseparents at Manzanita Ranch. They taught all classes and brought their personal library of books to teach us from. For government class,  they asked each of us which kind of government we wanted to study, and we chose the relevant books from their library that would be the basis of the instruction. I chose books about communism/socialism which made for an interesting contrast when I finally studied American government in Community college 20 years later. My instructor thought I knew exactly what he was talking about but it was all new to me.. I was sitting there thinking "OMG, you're kidding me." So I'm laying the credit for my socialist bend on those houseparents, wonderful people who also taught us about using herbs as medicine (Back to Eden, Jethro kloss) and most importantly, how to think from a wide angle lens.. Mr. & Mrs. Christensen, same spelling as mine. They gave me an early edition hardcover "Back To Eden" which they inscribed 'to our other daughter, Jessie' with the date. I loaned that book out and it never came back. 

No doubt I am not an expert on the economy nor real estate investment fraud. What I think I know is derived directly from what I've seen. What I think I'm seeing is real estate fraud that is so massive as to be nearly unbelievable in it's entirety.

I believe that mortgages may have been given for non-existent properties all over America, and that many of these fictional property mortgages may have been sold as Mortgage-backed securities. It looks to me as if the addresses are slightly changed for additional loans, for example, 20 Grand Manor becomes 20 Grand Mnr or 2218 Camilar Drive becomes 2218 Camilar Drive #58. Street names get a designated direction that is not found on the street sign, for example, 5411 Centinela Ave becomes 5411 S. Centinela Ave. 

There are common patterns in the majority of foreclosed properties: a sale at max appraisal value or more, followed by foreclosure, followed by a bank-owned sale for about 10% of the property value at foreclosure. I see all these homes appraised in 2011 for a fractional value reflecting the last sold price. But what I don't see are any stories in the paper describing how some lucky family purchased a home for such an amazing bank-owned price. 

21 Grand Manor Sugarland, TX 77479 : (Built in 2004) Who bought this home for  $2,990.00 (Fort Bend County assessment as of 1/1/2011)
19 Grand Mnr Sugar Land TX 77479 : (Built in 2000) Who bought this home for $170,970.00 ?
4267 Marina City Drive Marina Del Rey, CA 90292 : Who bought this luxury condo for $3,500.00 ? (06/08/2011)
5570 Centre Ave. #203 Pittsburg, PA. 15232 : Who bought this home for $1,000.00 in 2008? (2008 Tax Assessment @ $1,000.000/Property Taxes @ $29.00) 
3367 Barbydell Dr Los Angeles, CA 90064 : Who bought this home for $107,000.00 in 2006, then sold for  $1,170,000.00, 6 months later ? (Foreclosed 2006/2011)
2940 Cavendish Dr. Los Angeles, CA 90064  Who bought this home in 2006 for $107,000.00 ? (01/01/2011 Tax Assessment Value @ $696,490.00 / Current Zillow Estimated Value @ $1,594,300)
525 Animas View Dr #31 Durango CO 81301 Who bought this home for $22,690.00 in 2007 ? 
9376 Pine Ave Brentwood, MO 63144 Who bought this home for $234.00 : St. Louis County assessment (taxable at $44*) as of 1/1/2011. 
1905 W Schaumburg Rd Schaumburg, IL 60194 Who bought this Home for $208.00 in 2010 ? (Cook County, Schaumburg assessment (taxable at $21*) as of 1/1/2011)

America's Spreading Foreclosure Pandemic : Go here to see some of the 2011 Google Foreclosure Maps, which are no longer available:

Las Vegas, NV - 1 in 9 homes in foreclosure
Cape Coral, FL - 1 in 12 homes in foreclosure

Merced, CA - 1 in 14 homes in foreclosure
Stockton, CA - 1 in 14 homes in foreclosure
Riverside, CA - 1 in 14 homes in foreclosure
Miami, FL - 1 in 14 homes in foreclosure
Phoenix, AZ - 1 in 14 homes in foreclosure
Modesto, CA - 1 in 14 homes in foreclosure
Orlando, FL - 1 in 15 homes in foreclosure

Reno, NV - 1 in 16 homes in foreclosure
Vallejo, CA - 1 in 16 homes in foreclosure
Deltona, FL - 1 in 17 homes in foreclosure
Bakersfield, CA - 1 in 17 homes in foreclosure
Naples, FL - 1 in 18 homes in foreclosure

Port St. Lucie, FL - 1 in 19 homes in foreclosure

Sacramento, CA - 1 in 19 homes in foreclosure
Tampa, FL - 1 in 20 homes in foreclosure
Boise, Idaho — 1 in 21 homes in foreclosure

Sarasota, Fla. — 1 in 21 homes in foreclosure
Lakeland, Fla. — 1 in 21 homes in foreclosure

Another thing I'm curious about is why so many individuals incorporate their own name as a company. When you look at the name on Corporation Wiki, there is no INC after, as in Ronald Friend Inc, just "Ronald Friend", a company located at..." So is it a person, a human being, or is it a non-living entity? Do these clones buy and sell real estate??  

Peter Braun
Alan D. Lyons
Ronald Friend
Ronald Friend
Michael Sims Sims CodyWY 82414
Corey Sims Sims : Casper, WY 82604
David Michael SimsHenagarAL 35978
Nora Bohanon
William Burton
William Burton
James Rasmussen : Las Vegas, NV 89122
Justin Evans ElbertonGA 30635
Ernest Meadows : Eufaula, AL 36027
Michael A. Love : HomosassaFL 34446
Michael D. Love : SpartaNC 28675
(Love Home Products / Michael D. Love : Venice, CA 90291)
William E. Burton Jr : CottontownTN 37048
Sherry A. Sims : OrangeTX 77632
Robert C. Sims : Orange, TX 77632
Jessica Sims : Orange, TX. 
Sherry Lyn Sims : ArlingtonTX 76017
Michael Wise : EllsworthKS 67439

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