The Sims family

Brad Sims family

2) Father : William Earl Sims: licensed Real Estate Broker 1970-2007

Los Angeles case # 04U03722  Legacy Partners Residential Civil Judgement filed on 05/23/2005. 
Debtors : William E. Sims and Dan Thamawatanakul @ 756 Spring St. #SE, Los Angeles, Ca. 90014. Civil Judgement Release filed on 05/10/2006 : $4,479.00

3) Mother : Elizabeth Sims

5) Brother-in-law:  Paul Kanter

6) Nephew: Jason Sims aka Jaesen Kanter: Mammoth Media Group, Matilija Magic

Callahan, Mccune & Willis: Attorney for defendant Jason Sims of Sims Snowboards  in lawsuits filed in Orange county on 01/28/1994 (case # 724425); 02/24/1992 (Case # 682257;) & 09/24/1991 (case # 669248)  

(10) Zuri Star : Stage name of Michael Sims' wife.  After Brad died, Michael & Zuri suddenly had a ton of money to spend on the creation and promotion of the "Zuri Star" persona.  Zuri's "history" says she worked 2 full time jobs while attending UCLA and finally saved enough money to fully outfit her band, release a first album in 2008,  and pay for an overseas tour. hm. ya. Quite a wonder woman.   

(11) Nephew: Eric Kanter
(12) Aunt : Carolyn E. Sims

6 days after Brad's death:  

Lender: William E. Sims & Associates
Mortgage Type: Non-Purchase Money
Loan Amt: $520,000
Doc # 2007032816
Prior ref: 2006-149348 10/3/2006
Recorded date: 1/19/2007
Source: Alameda County Mortgage records
Instrument # 2007032816
Names : Gabriel & Betty Gonzalez
Associated Names: William Fisher Co.
Doc Type; Deed of Trust
Filed: 1/19/2007
Source: Alameda County Clerk Recorder

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