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('Wind 09' is an executive of 20 Southern Calif Real Estate/Investment Corporations)

Use your best instincts (and apple F) to find connecting information among the pages & posts. It's a wonder I can get anything coherently added in the right spot and with working links. That's my chief executive officer I'm holding in the pic.

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Yahoo! Resumix Web Site Changes: www.resumix. 701 First Ave. Sunnyvale, CA 94089 (800-988-0003) changed to: which no longer lists the Sunnyvale address.

2009: Alan D. Lyons : Regional Director at lyons Wealth Management, LLC  Previously President of Keystone Portfolio Management and ProductBuzz. Alan Stevens is the Managing Director now. 

2011: Peter Braun, Mountain Club AG Switzerland, Guest Speaker @ Swiss CEO DAY: profile does not load.. now says "Organizations and collaboration profiles accessible for registered participants only"

This video was of Roy Koyama offering his services as a personal Fitness Trainer. Roy is the son of Arlene & Tim Kennaley of  2219 Camilar Partnership @ 5325 Lehigh St. Ventura Ca. 93033Roy is an Executive Officer of multiple Investment Corporations affiliated with his family and my in-laws (listed in  links).Below is another profile of this "Corporate Executive" who is also the owner of a Mortgage loan Corporation.    

  • 224 Willowlake Dr Little Elm, TX 75068: Trulia/ValueAppeal (Listed on the "Foreclosed' page - Well Connected aka Doyle Oilfield Services/ Doyle Productions. (executives:Bradford Sims, Brad Simms, Alyson Washington)
  • Nora Bohanon: Corporation Wiki Profile: Now a blank page that says : "These aren't the droids you are looking for."  

"1989: This Sale was Flagged as a possibly Abnormal Transaction"
"1990: This was not an Arms Length Transaction"
"1993: Foreclosed & Bank Owned"

There are many alternative therapies available for cancer treatment. Brad didn't have to die, and if he'd had access to his own assets to pay for private healthcare, he might not have. At the very least he could've died somewhere beautiful, without being horrifically tortured first. Instead we were told that the Sims family investments had gone belly up and we'd have to make-do on very little, even grocery money was hard to come by they said, and Christmas presents would have to be purchased at the Dollar store. I didn't have the time or resources to prove that was not true. I had enough time to keep asking for supplies and comforts Brad needed and that had to be my primary focus in an apt that didn't even have a working heater in December. I was Brad's 24/7 caregiver while he was dying at our inadequate apt (a previous Sims family investment) for 4 months in the Kaiser Hospice program. The Sims were busy embezzling Brad's assets even while he was dying, and to this day they are still in control of assets that were his and are now legally mine. The Sims relatives were horrible while Brad was sick. I'd cheerfully rip the ground open beneath them with a toothpick for a tool if I thought it would help to reveal the truth. They stole from Brad for years before I got there and that haul was not enough to satisfy them. They let him die for lack of funds to pay for the specific health care he needed and did everything they could to insure he'd die even sooner ..constantly disruptive, manipulative, conniving, plotting .. it was horrendously stressful to deal with their relentlessly rotten, ghoulish behavior. Maybe they thought if they put enough pressure on me I'd leave. But that was never going to happen. if there were 4 demons sitting in our living room (a perfect analogy under the circumstances I recall) I still would not have left. Some people have no idea what love is nor any understanding of it's underlying strength. In the end I was the one holding Brad's hand while he died and I'd do it all again for that reason alone. I have cancer now too, breast cancer that was discovered the same year Brad was diagnosed with cancer of the Larynx 6 years ago. (3 people in 3 different units died at that apt. building from 2003-2008...the building's amenities included rusty pipes, 20 yr old carpet, broken venetian windows, peeling plaster & paint, faulty electrical, gas leaks, rats) My in-laws knew I had no health insurance and probably figured I'd be dead long before I could come after them legally, however, I was able to work and pay for alternative medicine with the help of my children, for the first 4 years. It didn't cure the cancer but I stayed healthy and it didn't spread to other areas. But the stresses of life inevitably intervened and I lost my footing on some slippery slopes. Now, I am  no longer able to work to pay for treatment and there are no social programs that I qualify for except one that would provide no frills surgery, chemotherapy and radiation, which, in my opinion, would kill me for sure. Brad's Kaiser medical "treatment" was so horrifying that I can never smell a hospital again without being instantly transported back to a nightmare. I have no confidence in AMA protocol, and I know that traditional cancer treatment is in essence an investment fund. I don't want to be fed into that fund. I thought I could retrieve enough of my community property to pay for private treatment, but it's been nearly 5 years since Brad died, and no solution is in sight. I have great faith, and won't give up until there is no other choice left, but I know that death is life's twin and we all make that journey when it's time to give our body back to the earth and return to our spiritual home. I'm not afraid. But given a choice I'll stay a bit longer. At least long enough to take down the bastards who did this to us. That's my goal. 

After Brad died, time stood still for at least 8 months, and if not for the persistent annoyance of my neighbor Jackie yelling through the security screen "Jess! Jess! are you in there? Did you eat today? jess? Come out!!" I'm pretty sure I would've laid on our bed staring out the window for a lot longer. Jackie used to say she wouldn't return evil for evil, because God wouldn't give her his blessing if she did. ("I'm going to get my blessing, Jess") Jackie died in Los Angeles in 2008, primarily because she had a heart condition and ultra crappy "poor people" medical care. She was always waiting weeks to see a doctor. I'll always remember Jackie and her cheerful smile. Her laugh is starting to fade from my memory, but I like to think that Jackie got her blessing. Another thing Jackie used to say was "don't let them take your Joy, Jess". I can still hear her saying that. 

I've spent about 3,000 hours searching public records to try to piece together the puzzle of what happened to Brad's retirement funds and investments. Some people said I was delusional and others said if Brad had wanted me to have anything he would've left a will. Others said that we were only married for 5 years and therefore I didn't really "deserve" anything. I know one thing for sure and that's that Brad never intended this to happen. I also know that I was the beneficiary on many, if not all, of his accounts. 

In the beginning of my research I was driven by the reality of having breast cancer and no money for treatment. Also frightening was the entire concept of being stranded in Los Angeles without Brad. I was only there because he was there. Without Brad in Los Angeles, I might as well have parachuted into the tasmanian jungle naked. 

Fright was replaced by anger when I saw the properties that were sold and the loans that were made by the Sims family corporations during the time they were telling us there was no money available for Brad's healthcare. They let him die and went on to their next lobster dinner. Planning how to get rid of Brad's wife became their next focus.. For years I've had to tolerate constant computer hacking, being followed, watched and threatened. My credit report has been altered to include a non-existent bankruptcy and several alias identities. (detailed on the Identity Theft page) I can't rent an apt with this credit report so it works well in that regard. There are 99 steps to take to try to remove inaccurate information. Failing that, they say, 'get a lawyer'. (The better advice, delivered 30 years earlier, would've been 'get a law degree.') 

I think it is highly likely that my in-laws have filed a probate and/or trust action without notification to me. Brad died in early 2007, but there is no time limit on when probate has to be filed. 2009 is my best guess, what county or state, I have no idea, and I don't know of a service that will check every county in the country for a probate filing. More handicaps to searching for probate or trust administration is the Sims family tendency to use alias's, their ability to whip up a notarized document for any event, and the many addresses available for their business & personal use. 

I also think it is highly likely that Attorney Justin Shrenger provided legal counsel to my in-laws regarding their probate and Trust actions. 

So, you might wonder, why do I continue in this research when my life has been threatened, I've been warned repeatedly to stop, and I am struggling to survive with breast cancer with no money and no way to recover what has been stolen from me. The answer is simple. This is the truth as I know it, and this truth is my life. 

I didn't ask to be brought into these strange circumstances, but I had already thrown caution to the wind when I returned to Los Angeles in 1998 to my first love. Whoever knew Brad knew about me, and vice-versa, for the past 40 years, we were connected to each other's lives even when we were apart. 

I watched my husband die a miserable death full of pain and betrayal, and the look in his eyes as he moved daily closer to his own death, the realization that he was ripped off by his own family members, is something I'll never forget or forgive. Brad didn't deserve that. he gave those relatives everything he could give them but in the end they took even the life raft that would've saved him because they never cared about him. They used him and in the end, he knew it, and he was afraid of them. To see this man who was never afraid, fearful of his own relatives, this broke my heart. They knew that he was beginning to understand that they were ripping him off, and as Brad became more & more vulnerable in his illness, they became more & more aggressive in their actions. 

I've been asked repeatedly why a will was not made before he died, why did I not make sure that was done?  As an answer, consider this: In December 2006, the last full month of Brad's life, his own mother tried to kill him by dumping a full bottle of his meds (ativan) into his drinking mug and handed it to him to drink. Since she was not caring for him, she didn't know that he couldn't really swallow, he could only sip, and even that was slow and difficult, through a straw. I discovered the chalky disintegrating pills at the bottom of his mug only because I checked his water mug often to make sure it wasn't empty, and the top had to be taken off to rinse and re-fill. For a moment I wondered if he was trying to kill himself but he had lots of liquid morphine, which would've been much easier, I knew he didn't like the ativan, and I had seen his mother hovering over the dresser where the meds were lined up that day. 

Brad did his best to put his affairs in order, but he lost the capacity to carry it through after the last horrific surgery. He had trusted these relatives for decades to manage his investments and in the end their only concern was to get rid of him before he could change anything. I knew this and I also knew that he had done the best he could to protect me, and now it was my job to protect him. And that's what I did, so he could at least spend his last days as peacefully as possible in our home; as sad as that old apartment was, it was still our home, and where he had lived for at least 20 years, ever since the building had first been purchased by the Sims Family corporation. I couldn't stop him from dying. I could only prevent his relatives from killing him even sooner. I was afraid all the time, and focused on never leaving him alone, which was not always possible since I had to eventually take a shower or pick up his prescriptions. The Sims relatives did not help with his daily care, they were only around to badger him into signing documents that they were constantly sneaking out of their purses to try to force him to sign. It was a constant harassment. 

In the last month of his life, the Sims relatives tried to hustle him out of our apartment. I had left them alone with him briefly to step outside for a few moments. When I walked back into the apt, they were shoving his medicines and a few clothes into Garbage Bags (one of the scenes I'll never forget) and pushing him around, telling him to hurry. Brad looked dazed and confused. I put an end to that action by calling the Kaiser Hospice nurses, who immediately intervened. I put my arms around him and calmed him. That scene really frightened me because I didn't know what they would do if they got him separated from me, alone with them. I didn't want him to die in a state of fear and confusion, and without me holding his hand. Brad was mortally ill by this time. He had a hard time communicating, he could not speak, sometimes he could not write, and he was in horrible discomfort.

Brad had called a family meeting in October 2006 (which took place at his Kaiser Oncologist's office) and stated that he wanted to make sure I was taken care of after he died. " This is my wife, who I love with all of my heart, and I want to make sure that she is taken care of after I die." He was crying as he said this, a man who never cried. When I saw the reaction of his relatives and the look in their eyes, I knew we were in serious trouble. There was no compassion, no love, no concern, only a brutal hardness in their faces and their eyes. They made no response, just sat and stared him down. Brad looked confused, and I felt so bad for him that I deliberately steered him away from the subject. I knew. I knew we were both in danger, and I knew they would do anything to keep his money in their hands. As we all walked out of the office, Elizabeth Sims (Brad's "mother') began nervously spewing words directed at me, ignoring Brad, who was right beside me. " The only reason I bought my new place, Jessica, is so that you and Brad would have it to live in later, when you get old." The other Sims relatives shot her some vile looks and told her to shut up. These monsters were not sad that he was dying. No. They were absolutely horrified that they were going to lose control of his investments.

I am not an unkind person, but what I wish on these people for what they put us through cannot be printed here, or even verbalized. I have to be satisfied to leave their judgement in Gods hands, because the truth is, I know, there is nothing on earth that would satisfy me in regards to a punishment for what they did.  

Brad was a kind, patient, uniquely talented man who loved being a children's gymnastic coach and swim teacher. He was an expert guitar player who played "by ear" and wrote many songs. I never saw him disrespect anyone in all the years I knew him, and Brad always protected me without fail, no matter how wrong or rude I was. I was never afraid to go anywhere with Brad; I knew he would protect me no matter what the circumstances were. 

On one of our last vacations we went to Rosarito, Mexico; we camped high up on a cliff that overlooked the ocean, a beautiful view. While we were there, some men in an old truck came and said we needed to pay them "a fee". Brad very calmly turned to me and said "get into the back of the truck." (a toyota with a custom camper, his since it was new in 1982) So I got in and he shut the  camper door behind me and locked it from the outside.

I don't know what the conversation was from there, it was mostly in spanish and Brad was talking in a low voice. But after maybe 10 or 12 minutes, they left and we stayed for a few more nights. I never knew what Brad said to people in these kinds of situations, I only knew that people took him very seriously. When we were kids (14 & 17) I trusted Brad as completely as you could ever trust anyone. If he had told me I needed to hold his hand and jump off a cliff with him, I would've taken his hand & prepared to jump. 

I had thought I could recover at least enough of my community property to pay for my treatment, but the Sims family are so Well Connected that I can't find a law firm that will even consider going against them. What do you do when the people who ripped you off are directly connected to powerful corporations like YAHOO! ??  Pray, Have Faith, and Keep Going; That's what I'll do. 

"Hugh Bowman" of Los Angeles, San Clement, Woodland Hills, and South Pasadena, is connected to "The Palm Club" and Junior Gym, 2218 Cotner Ave. Los Angeles, 90064. He's a relative of the Kiernan family (Kathleen Kiernan, Dermot Kiernan) :
September 17, 1918 - October 16, 2011 / Woodland Hills, California

June 2012

 A couple months after Brad died in 2007, my daughter began dating a young man from Willits, Calif. This new boyfriend maintained a very disrespectful attitude towards me and has not relented one inch in nearly six years. He made it his business to constantly advise her not to help me through my illness with breast cancer, in fact not to help me with anything, to not even speak to me, to exclude me from normal activities and anything special such as holidays.  He caused many difficulties between us with his constant influence. The reasons he gave for this, as far as I can determine from what I've been told, is that I was unworthy of helping because I had no financial value to her, and was only a drain of her resources. In addition, I was "crazy" to believe Brad's estate was stolen, and "need help" meaning, in our doublespeak culture, that I need to be locked up, restrained, medicated. Of course, he didn't really mean that I needed any sort of real life help. Real assistance is precisely what he didn't want me to get. 

One day I decided to look at his family's business background and came across the name Kennaley in their Willits business transactions, I believe it was a loan transaction. I thought that was a hugh coincidence since the Kennaley's of Ventura County have been close business partners with my in-laws for decades. Im sure there are many "Kennaley's" but like I said, one heck of a coincidence. Add that to the hard core animosity and a person has to wonder. Maybe I'm seeing Kennaley's under every bush, ha ha. (I can never recall the exact spelling of "Kennaley", two N's or two L's ? well anyway thats close enough. seems to me Ive seen it both ways.)

If there is one good thing I am, it's persistent when it comes to getting to the heart of a matter, the truth. This blog earned me a lot of ridicule and outright abuse, but I wrote some of what I've seen and did my best to leave a trail that any researcher could follow. I know this blog is not professionally efficient or polished and includes lots of drama, sometimes expressed badly. So what. We still have first amendment rights, maybe not for much longer. 

I can't edit or add to the link section of this blog anymore, it suddenly became disabled in that regard months ago. That's why the links that have been changed since I posted them can't be corrected.

I'm not planning on dying but reality is hard core, I'm very ill. Once I die my daughter's boyfriend will instruct her to remove this blog. So if there's any information on here anyone wants to keep, they should print it out. 

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"Castaway, I'll see you again"