Brad Sims

Bradford Huston Sims
September 23, 1953 - January 13, 2007

Brad was an executive officer and gymnastic instructor at Junior Gym Inc for 30 years : 1977 - 2007. After his death Brad's business partners & relatives informed me that Brad had only been a part-time Employee at Junior Gym earning about $14.00 an hour with no retirement benefits of any kind. If you had told that to any of his private or gym clients, they would've asked "are we talking about the same Brad Sims"? Anyone who knew Brad, knows that he would've laughed at that wage. 

In February 2007 I went to the gym to collect Brad's things and was told that there was nothing there that belonged to him. Although his mother, Elizabeth Sims, acted as his accountant & money manager, I expected to find Brad's personal belongings, equipment, and his copies of statements & records. It was clear to me that everything belonging to Brad had already been cleared out by his relatives, who, like Brad, were also partners in the Junior Gym franchise.

Brad started working for Peter Braun at the first Junior Gym location in Los Angeles in 1977. During the early years, Brad created the popular and now widespread "Mommy & Me" classes. Dermot Kiernan also worked for Peter Braun as an instructor for years before becoming the official owner of the gym on Cotner ave. 

When the Junior Gym franchise right was sold to the Kiernan family, Brad was very upset because he and his father had "the first right to buy." He used to tell me that it was supposed to be his gym, that was the plan. 

A lawsuit was initiated with Brad and William Sims as Plaintiff's vs defendants Peter and Judy Braun. A settlement was agreed to and Brad had the option of becoming Dermot's partner at the new 2218 Cotner location. But Brad didn't want to co-own the gym with Dermot and there was a second option offered, something to do with shares in a new company that Peter Braun advised would be a highly profitable long-term investment. I believe that was Yahoo! or Apple inc. Brad accepted the 2nd option, and there were other working agreements made regarding the Cotner ave Junior Gym. 

Brad received a small payroll check with Dermot Kiernan's signature on it, but believe me, Dermot was never Brad's boss. I always knew that little paycheck was bogus, it was a fact. The amount on those checks wouldn't even have paid our rent, and we were never broke until he got sick and his relatives took control of our finances. Brad used to keep cash hidden in the apartment and in the car. After he died, I found $900.00 under the carpet in the car trunk, and another 600.00 under the scarf on our dresser. 

I called Peter Braun in Spring 2007 to ask him for the location/trustee of Brad's retirement account. Mr. Braun said that Brad was only an hourly employee (for 30 years) and he (adamantly) didn't want to get involved. I called his wife, co-owner Judy Braun, in the spring of 2009 to ask again for the location of Brad's retirement account, telling her that I have breast cancer and need to receive Brad's retirement benefits since I am the beneficiary. She said that her husband had just had heart surgery and he didn't need the stress of being asked for information or of being "involved" with the business arrangements between the Kiernan and Sims families. Her advice was to get a lawyer.

 From Brad's W-2:
Employer's Name & Adddress: 
Employer's Identification # : 95-3964436
Emplyer's State ID : # CA 319-1671-1
Employee's Name &Address:
Corporate ID: C2126093
Executive Names: Brad Sims, Martin Gerst
06/02/1999 : Application for Certificate of Authority
09/07/2007 Withdrawal
09/11/2007 Withdrawn
10/07/2009 Termination of Foreign Entity
07/01/2010 Franchise Tax Board Forfeiture
Stocks: Common With Par
Shares Issued:1000
Shares Authorized: 1000

Company Overview :

Yahoo! Resumix Inc develops applicant tracking software in the United
States.  It's software solutions help recruiters, hiring managers, and
recruiting management to identify and hire personnel. The company was
founded in 1988 and is headquartered in Sunnyvale, Calif. As of
December 31, 2003, Yahoo! Resumix operates as a subsidiary of Yahoo,
Inc. @ 701  First Ave. Sunnyvale, Ca. 94089.


Corporate ID # F99000002819
Mailing Address : 701 First Ave, Sunnyvale, Ca. 94089
Secretary : Michael J. Callahan
Withdrawn : 09/07/2007

701 First Ave Sunnyvale, CA. 94089
Corporate ID : 0013902406
Foreign For Profit Corporation: Texas
Status : Withdrawn - 2007
Date of Incorporation : 06/02/1999
Employees : 40
701 First Ave Sunnyvale, CA 94089
1999 California, Active
2000 Florida, Active
2001 Texas, Active
Officer: Mark Feldman (From

Resumix, Inc
Corporate ID : 0495787
Filing State : NC
Status : Withdrawn 09/11/2007

Resumix, Inc
Corporate ID : K922968
filing State : GA
Status : Withdrawn 09/11/2007

P.O. Box 2097
Los Angeles, CA. 90071
Registered Agent : 333 S. Hope St. Los Angeles, CA 90071
State of Formation : Delaware
File # 0006084506
SOS Registration Date : January 13, 1984
Taxpayer Number : 19538605169
Business ID : 522707
Status : Name Change
Creation Date : 5/15/1985
State of Incorporation : Delaware
Principle Office Address:
Village, CA.
Registered Agent : CT Corporation System
 118  North Congress,
Jackson, MS 39205

Officers & Directors:

10089 Willow Creek Rd
San Diego, Ca 92131

2660 Townsgate Rd. Suite 400
Westlake Village, Ca.

2660 Townsgate Rd. Suite 400
Westlake Village, Ca.

10089 Willow Creek Rd
APN # 2060-024-002
Owners :
Bradford Carvel Sims
Darrelyn Elizabeth Sims
Year Built : 1968
Property Type : Planned Unit development
Owners method Of property ownership : Trustee/Conservator
Sales date : 04/09/2005
Deed Type : Interfamily Transfer & Dissolution
Recorded Date: 07/28/2005
Doc # 51797628
Prior Recorded Date : 03/28/1984

Brad Sims Relatives
Nephew: Eric Kanter
Aunt : Carolyn E. Sims

A few of the Sims family Real Estate Transactions :

8730 Ivy Street, Los Angeles, Ca. 90002:William E Sims, Michael Sims, Carrie Burton, Elizabeth Sims.
10/31/2007 Refinance @ $544,185.00 / Buyer Carrie Burton
Mortgage Deed Type: Federal Housing Authority; Term: 78 years