Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Private Investigators

I hired two private investigators after Brad died, then decided I would have to do my own research. 

The first report, from Howard Eisemann of Able Forensics of San Diego; worth less than the paper it was written on. Cost: $2,500.00.  

The 2nd report, from Randal J. Pissot of the Baker Street Group. Cost: $750.00 (refunded after I complained to the owner of BSG). 

Mr Pissot's report:  

"The assets owned by these folks are minimal.  The real estate that I did locate was not substantial.  In addition, there were no corporate names, LLC’s or partnerships in their names and frankly no indication of any reason to have them.  The bottom line is they have all lived a very moderate life style according to the real estate they own or have owned."

 Hm. Ya. These two guys must've done their investigation while they were sitting on the toilet doing a crossword puzzle. You can read about some of the Sims family corporate activities here and here

You can read more about my activities here.