Identity Theft

I have an ongoing Identity Theft problem that appears unfixable.  So I called the Federal Trade Commission @ 877-438-4338 on 3-22-11 and made a complaint. (Reference # 29760101)

Here's the information I gave them: On my TRANSUNION Credit report my name is now:
"Jessica M. Kosckiduncanchris Jr."

On my EQUIFAX report, I am: "Formerly Known As Chris Jessica Koscki Duncan". 

On my EXPERIAN report, I have 2 extra Social Security numbers and a new home address: 1022 Richland ct. Chico. Calif.

According to TRANSUNION & EXPERIAN, I filed for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy on May 21, 2010.

I recieve monthly email reminders and payment reciepts for products and services provided to Robert & Joyce Christensen @ 1022 Richland Ct. Chico, Calif. I called a few of the companies who told me my email had been provided to them as a contact by the customer.

SCHWANS (888-724-9267) Customer # 013-756-774.
ARTIC AIRE SERVICE EXPERTS@ 2350 Park ave. Chico, Calif.
DISH NETWORK acct # 8255-9095-7256-7680.

I've never lived at 1022 Richland Ct nor did I file for Bankruptcy in 2010, and I don't use wierd names or different Social Security numbers.

The FTC agent said I need to call or write every false creditor on my credit report and ASK them to remove the information. I should also "find someone to file a complaint on my behalf."
Hm. ya. I'll just run an ad on Craigslist like this: Wanted: Super Intelligent and very calm attorney needed to go up against very powerful and well-connected corporate thieves.  Must be unafraid of Organized Crime, the Illuminati, the Banking Industry and sleeping in the dark. Be independently wealthy since I can't pay you, and serenely willing to sacrifice your privacy.  Amen.

The FTC agent refused to take the information regarding the identity theft in Ventura County. She said they had enough information from the credit report and didn't need anymore.

Here's the information I would've given her:

Unlawful Detainer Filed on 4/24/2008 : Vona Snow vs Bennie Sims, Case # 56-2008-00317429-CL-UD-VTA,  "Jessica Sims" added as a defendent on 5/13/08 and served at 699 County Square Dr. Unit # 1,  Ventura, Calif.

The Jessica Sims served in this action is a false / stolen identity.
Vona Snow AKA Vona Mcmurry is a Trustee for the SNOW  TRUST.
Bennie Sims is a Trustee of the SIMS 2004 TRUST.
SNOW TRUST was the 2010 buyer for 2218 Camilar Dr 
2011: 2218 Camilar Drive appears to be currently Bank-Owned. 

Filed 4 days later on 4/28/08: Trustee Sale No. 723512CA :  4111 San Juan Ave. Oxnard, CA. 93033Bennie G. Sims and Cheryl L. Sims Trustees Of The Sims 2004 Trust: Sold at public auction for $92, 269.62

Names associated with 1022 Richland Ct. Chico, Ca.: 
Joyce Mary Christensen; age 58
Jo M. Christensen
Robert Evan Christensen; age 56
Robert B. Christensen; age 56 (prior address: Sparks, Nv.)
Jessica M. Christensen; age 54 (hey that's me) 
Peter Chrtistensen
Pearl M. Christensen
Evan F. Christensen; age 97

Addresses associated with 1022 Richland Ct: 
2555 White Ave, Chico, CA 95973  : Butte County assessed this property for $83 as of 1/1/2011.
4768 Rd. Chico, Ca.
22 Richland ct. Chico, Ca.
1536 Spruce Rd. Chcio, Ca. 
Sparks, Nv. 

Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) possibly associated with 1022 Richland Ct: 
Christensen-Cordes (Butte County) 

I continue to recieve email notifications regarding services & sales to Robert & Joyce Christensen at 1022 Richland Ct. Chico, Calif.