Sims & Associates

William Earl Sims (Brad's Father/ my Father-in-law)

Broker License # 00243974
3330 W. Manchester Blvd. Inglewood,  Ca. 90305
DBA Templeton, Meyers & Associates
2/6/1995 to 7/11/1996
Affiliated: William E. Sims & Associates
Original License Date: 11/24/1970
Exp Date: 12/30/2007

William E Sims & Associates
3720 West 54th St. Los Angeles, Ca. 90043
License ID: 00491411
License type: Corporation
Officer: William E. Sims
Exp. Date: 4/7/1983
Original License Date: 4/8/1975
Source: Calif Dept of Real Estate

William E. Sims & Associates :
CA # CO742605
5757 W. Century Blvd. ste 700
Los Angeles, ca.90045
Status; Suspended
Filed: 3/17/1975

Sims Investment Group
Orange County: 3/9/1982
Doc # 1982-0008-1435
35 pages: AMD Limited Partnership

Sims & Associates
1356 Calle Aurora, Camarillo, CA. 
Contact: Stephen Hubble
Contact: Bradford Carvel Sims, Michael Sims

Templeton, Meyers & Associates
Address: 7318 S. Western, Los Angeles 90047
Business phone: 213-971-1783
Date: 12/1/1994
Business Description: Real Estate 
Contact: William Sims (213-296-4141)
5729 S. La Cienega Blvd. los Angeles 90056

William E.  Sims: Broker License # 00670453
2740 W.  Olive # 29 Fresno, Calif. 93728
Exp Date; 8/30/2000
Original License Date : 8/31/1980
Source: Dept. of Real Estate

United Diversified Resources Inc.
Articles of Incorporation: 1496062 (91-189936)
Closed Corporation, 1,000 shares, not more than 35 persons
Incorporator: William E. Sims @ 5729 La Cienega Blvd.90056
Agent: Louis Evans, 5410 Senford, Los Angeles
Officers: William E. Sims, Bobby Boyd, Will Sims.
Type of Business: Finance
Status: Inactive, Cancelled
Filed: 4/19/1991 & 4/29/1991
Source: Secretary of State

WS United Diversified Resources
# C2418992 (03-468463)
3330 W. Manchester Blvd. Inglewood, Ca. 90305
Statement of Information: 03-468463
Executive, Financial, Agent: William E. Sims
Secretary: Joan Yancy
Filed: 12/4/2003
Source: Secretary Of State

WS United Diversified Resources Inc
# C2418992 (04-328260)
3330 W. Manchester Blvd. Inglewood, Ca. 90305
Executive, Secretary, Financial, Director, Agent: William E. Sims
Type of Business: Real Estate Financing
Filed: 7/6/2004

WS Diversified Resources Inc
#C2418992 (05-715962)
330 W. Manchester Blvd. Inglewood, Ca. 90305
Executive: William E. Sims
Secretary: Joan Yancy @ 3330 W. Manchester
Tpe of Business: Real Estate Finance
Filed: 9/12/2005
Caprice Collins has been removed as a partner since this filing.

Lender: William E. Sims & Associates
Mortgage Type: Non-Purchase Money
Loan Amt: $520,000
Doc # 2007032816
Prior ref: 2006-149348 10/3/2006
Recorded date: 1/19/2007
Source: Alameda County Mortgage records
Instrument # 2007032816
Names : Gabriel & Betty Gonzalez
Associated Names: William Fisher Co.
Doc Type; Deed of Trust
Filed: 1/19/2007
Source: Alameda County Clerk Recorder
NOTE: The Sims family told us there was no money to pay for private healthcare to try to save Brad's life; William E. Sims & associates made a $520,000 loan (probably to themselves) on 1/19/2007 : 6 days after Brad's death.

Instrument # 2007032816
Doc Type: Assignment of Rents
Names: Gabriel & Betty Gonzalez
Associated Names: William Fisher Co.
Filed: 1/19/2007
Source: Alameda County Clerk Recorder

San Mateo County  
255 Aviador Ave. Milbrae, CA. 94030
APN # 024-174-170
Buyer : Gabriel & Betty Gonzalez
Seller : Dorothy J. Semke, Joint Tenancy
Lender: William Fisher Co. 
Doc type: Grant Deed
Sales Price: $275,000.00
Loan Amt: $600,000.00
Title Co: Financial Title company
Doc # 2006065504
Filed: 5/2/2006
NOTE: Brad was going through Chemotherapy & Radiation @ Kaiser during this time. The Sims family said we had to be frugal, because the entire family was "broke".

2701 Berkshire Dr. San Bruno, Ca. 94066
APN: 017-333-130
Doc # 2005075692
Doc Type: Trustees Deed - certificate of title
Sale Price: $707, 300
Mortgage Type: Purchase money
Seller: William Sims (Trustor) 
Buyer: Broadway Foreclosure Investments LLC; New Pacific F I  LLC 
300 Frank H Ogawa Plaza, ste 330, Oakland, Ca. 994612
Filing # 0120160911
Filing Date: 7/20/2001
Filing Jurisdiction: Ca.
Secured Party: William Fisher
Secured Party Address: 111 W. 3rd Ave. apt 307, San Mateo, Ca. 94402 
Debtor: Competix Inc.
Debtor Address: 881 Sneath ln, San Bruno, Ca. 94066
Source: UCC Records

James Saghi / William Fisher address : 
111 W. 3rd Ave. # 307, San Mateo, Ca. 94402
NOTE: James Saghi is one of the executive officers of JUNIOR GYM INC

APN # 363S1-816-100-000-0423
Buyer: Richard Tracy
Seller: Elizabeth Ann Tracy
Land Use : Multi-Family Dwelling (2-4 units)
Lender: William E. Sims & Associates
Loan Amt: 125,000
Loan Type: Balloon
Doc # 964845
Doc Type: Warranty deed
Book/Page: 2734/258
Recorded: 9/11/2006
NOTE: During this time, Brad was informed by his Kaiser oncologist that there was nothing more they could do for him, and he was placed in the Kaiser Hospice program to die.  Brad didn't want to die; he wrote down and handed a note to his doctor that said "I'll try anything." To which his Kaiser Doctor said : "Mr. Sims, I don't think you understand, we're not offering you further treatment. If you get private treatment to try to live, we will not be able to continue paying for your medications; the only thing we are offering you now is palliative care to make you as comfortable as possible while you die."  ..This, after slicing him up nine ways to sunday, radiating & poisoning him, giving him some sugar shit for nutrition (cancer cells love sugar) , and then, leaving a bunch of metal staples in his neck to hold together their butchery. The last surgery was video taped while a group of UCLA medical students "assisted". That surgery took 5 hours longer than expected and when he woke up he was barely alive.. Freaking Nazi Bastards. Think I'll ever take myself into an AMA hospital ? Hell, no, you won't find me in there unless they've hauled me in unconscious on a stretcher. And even under those circumstances as soon as I regained consciousness I'd crawl out of there on my hands and knees if I had to. 

The Ghoulish bastards who called themselves his family said there was no money for private treatment; according to them, the entire family was "broke." Brad either believed them or realized he couldn't do anything about it.   

If those Kaiser butchers want to sue me for saying this, fine, I don't have anything to take, and even if I did, I'd say it anyway, because it's true. 

APN # 2045-2415-00000-0830
Seller: William E. Sims, Diane J, Joint Tenancy
Buyer: Timothy Keyes & Caroline Cange
Doc Type: warranty deed
Sales price: $ 7,000,000
Total Transfer Tax: $49,000
Lender: William E. Sims
Recorded: 3/2/1999


Genese Financing Inc # C2640033
3330 Manchester Blvd. Inglewood, ca. 90305
Status: Suspended
Status date; 8/1/2007
Date incorporated: 3/2/2004
Agent: William Sims
Additional Info: Stock
(“Genese Sims aka Dominique Kanter = Brad’s sister)

The Sims Group
# 061373140
Filing Date: 6/22/2006
Filing Exp date: 6/22/2011
Contact: Manuel Ocampo
1107 Fair Oaks Ave. # 301, South Pasadena, Ca. 91030

Jamul Associates, A California Limited Partnership

UCC3 Amendment: Filing date 6/25/2009
 7/29/2008: Filing # 087166803281, Calif.
 Secured party: JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A.
3929 W. John Carpenter
FWY, Irving, TX. 75063
Secured party: Washington Mutual Bank
3929 W. John Carpenter FWY, Irving, TX. 75063
Debtor: Mr. William Carter Sims
2021 Mother Grundy Truck Trail, Jamul, Ca. 91935
Debtor: Sims Trust : 2021 Mother Grundy Truck Trail, jamul, Ca. 91935
Debtor: Sherry Sims: 2021 Mother Grundy Truck Trail, Jamul, Ca. 91935
Source: UCC Records

Bradford Carter Sims is listed in earlier UCC records with William Carter Sims, Sherry Sims.

The William Fisher CO is also pretty darn interesting. Lots of Fisher Businesses @ 2126 Cotner in Los Angeles. (Junior Gym is @ 2218 Cotner)

Fisher property inspection services, Fisher development LLC, Cotner Development Inc, etc. Dakota Financial, Gibralter Land Co, Calabasas Hills Owners assoc....etc, etc, many more :

Contact : William Fisher @ 626-918-4728
5500 Tanoak Ln Apt # 2456
Oak Park, Ca. 91377

Cotner Development Inc
President : Montgomery R. Fisher

Gibralter Land Company

Calabasasa Hills Owners Association

Montgomery Ross Fisher Inc and H.A. Lewis, A Joint Venture

Fisher Lewis LP

Fisher Development LLC

Montgomery & Fisher Foundation

JM Fisher
Joanne M. Fisher
JM Fisher Family LP
Chad Montgomery Walker Irrevocable Trust 12/15/1990
Century Services
Highlands Monterey Park Inc
Republic land Co
Buena Park Investment Co
Robert lane Construction Inc
Springview land Co.
Benjamin Youngblood
Kathleen M. Buck
John Hamilton LP
Import & Export Mozafar

Then there's RATCO PRODUCTIONS #C0852743, filed in CA on 9-23-77 (Brad's 24th B-day) SEC registrant: Kenneth L. Fisher. This inc is connected to Mathew Fishburn CPA on San Vincente in the city of angels. Mat's connected to several other Fisher co's, to Dermot Kiernan of Junior Gym, and to "Kim Tuvet Tran" a person who's listed in public records at Brad's address and phone number in the 90's. (5411 Centinela Ave #1 Los Angeles 90066) Kim Tuvet Tran also has an address at 3930 Enrose Circle, Mesa, AZ.

Ratco Productions Inc
Kenneth L. Fisher
Securities and Exchange Commission 
Registration # 333-09153 
Filed 12/19/2000 
File # 811-07737

Ratco Productions Inc
Contact : Frank R. Ybarra
6318 Sombrero Ave. Cypress, Ca. 92845 
There are 3,000 + property listings in Frank R. Ybarra's name. 
Note: Our upstairs neighbor at 5411 Centinela ave Los Angeles, Ca was Arthur Howell of Network Finesse. (Brad knew Art for at least 20 years) Art used to go camping with Frank Ybarra on a regular basis. After Brad died, Art Howell acted very paranoid and strange. He kept warning me that people in dark clothes were watching our building and he was very fearful. He wasn't the only one who acted strange in the days after.. Dermot Kiernan of Junior Gym apparently went missing for several days which caused his family to file a missing person report with the police department. His sister Kathleen told me that dermot simply disappeared from the gym (2218 Cotner ave 90066) one day leaving the building unlocked and the door wide open. Hmm. wierd, wierd. 

Ratco Productions Inc
Contact: Kim Tuvet Tran "Mobile Park Operator"
5411 Centinela Ave.  apt # 2, Los Angeles 90066
*5411 Centinela ave : Brad Sims lived here for about 20 years,  I lived at this address 2000 to 2008.

Kenneth L. Fisher: The Purisima Funds
13100 Skyline Blvd, Woodside, Ca. 94062
David Hearth Esq.
Paul, Hastings, Janofsky & Walker LLP @ 345 California St. 29th Floor, San Francisco 94104

Mathew Fishburn CPA:

Stephen Dart Productions  # C0746901
Date of Incorporation: 10/10/1975
Address: 8080 Beverly Blvd. Los Angeles 90048
Agent: Stephen Dart

Called Stephen Dart of RATCO and he was NOT HAPPY; says RATCO is a very small personal retirement fund that belongs to him and his wife... mm, ya. Also called Mathew Fishburn around the same time. Mat sounded like he might need to run to the bathroom and kept asking me: Where did you find this info? (they all ask that, hehHeh) ...It's called "Public Records :  you know .. those things we won't have access to soon due to the New "Privacy Laws" !!!

Callahan, Mccune & Willis : This firm was attorney for defendant 'Sims Snowboards" (Jason Sims; Brad's nephew) in lawsuits filed in Orange county on 01/28/1994 (case # 724425); 02/24/1992 (Case # 682257;) & 09/24/1991 (case # 669248).

Sims Snowboards:

Michael Callahan: Yahoo! General Counsel & Secretary

Legacy Partners Residential: Los Angeles case # 04U03722 : Civil Judgement filed on 05/23/2005. Debtors : William E. Sims and Dan Thamawatanakul @ 756 Spring St. #SE, Los Angeles, Ca. 90014. Civil Judgement Release filed on 05/10/2006 : $4,479.00

Esquival Stock Ownership
P.O. Box 5561, Oxnard, Ca. 93031

Assessee: Esquival Family Limited Partnership
1675 Monterey St. Ste B, Morgan Hill, Ca. 95037
Property: 2740 Olive Ave. Fresno, Ca. 93728
Assessee Relationship : Partnership
Assessee Parcel # 449-020-12
State: Ca.
County: Fresno
Sales Info: 12/26/1997
Doc # 169983
Assessor Information: 2009
Total value: $2,466,252.00
Property type: Mobile Home Park; 16.53 Acres
Year Constructed: 1973
legal Description : Lot 107 Roedings Villa Colony

William E. Sims: 2740 Olive Ave Sp # 29, Fresno, Calif.
"Bill" Sims lived here from 1976 - 2006; Brad Sims bought the land with his father in the late 70's. 

Esquival Family Limited Partnership
16175 Monterey St. Ste B, Morgan Hill, Ca. 95037
Property address: 1695 Butte House Rd. Schenectady, Ca. 
APN # 59-240-018
Sutter County, Ca.
Sales Info: 
Doc # 9717699
Recorded: 12/23/1997
Assessor Information 2009
Total Value: $4,291,337.00
Property Type : Mobile Home park
Owners method of ownership: Et Al
Lot Acreage: 23.87
Legal description: Former APN : 04220018

The Kiernan family (Dermot Kiernan of Junior Gym) is associated to Yolanda Telma Esquival, Melvin larry Esquival, and Frank Larry Esquival through Susan A. Bowman who is either a Kiernan relative or business associate. Bowman appears in various business & real estate records with the name Rothschild. 

Carrie Burton aka Elizabeth Sims
William Burton aka William E. Sims

Jesus Will help You Ministries
SIC Code: 8661
Filing # 032132882
File date: 7/25/2003
Filing Exp date: 7/25/2008
DBA: Individual
Owner: Carrie Burton
Owner Address: 8730 Ivy Street, Los Angeles 90002
Office Address: 5328 Hoover, Los Angeles, 90037

San Diego County Archives: 
Carrie E. Burton / DOB: 1962
Stephen S. Chappell / DOB: 1962
Married on 06/04/1983.

APN # 6045-008-008
Buyer: Carrie Burton
Sales date: 10/23/2007
Deed Type: Deed of Trust
Recorded: 10/32/2007
Doc # 2455805
Mortgage Deed Type: Federal Housing Authority
Mortgage Term Type : Adjustable
Mortgage term: 78 years
Mortgage Due date: 4/5/2085
First Trust Deed Loan Amount: $544,185.00
Lender Address: San Diego, Ca. 92018
Transaction Type: Refinance
Land use/ property Type: Single family residence
Bldg Sq Ft: 808

Abstract Judgement: 01/08/2008
Grantee: CMRE Financial
Grantor: William Burton AKA William E. Sims
Los Angeles County
 Debtor: William Burton
Address: 8730 Ivy Street, Los Angeles, CA. 90002
Debtor: William E. Sims
Address: 8730 Ivy Street, Los Angeles, CA. 90002
Creditor: CMRE Financial Services
Filing Date: 10/26/2007
Filing Type: Civil Judgement
Case # 07K11803
Court: Los Angeles Municipal -
Amount: $1,004.00
Eviction : N

Los Angeles County / Recorder of Deeds
Case # 20071891085
Secured party : Chicago Title Insurance Company
Filing date: 8/13/2007
Amount: $507,893.00
Debtor: Donnell D. Burrow
3796 Westwood, Memphis, Tn 38128
Debtor: Burrows Realty Services
8447 Wilshire Blvd. Ste 204, Beverly Hills, Ca. 90211
Debtor: William C. Burton  (aka William E, Sims)
5100 Obyrnes Ferry Rd. Ste 204, Jamestown, CA. 95327
Debtor: Tina F. Cole (Hi-Point Townhomes)
8447 Wilshire Blved. Ste 204, Beverly Hills, Ca. 90211
Debtor: Veronica Love (Hi-Point Townhomes)
8447 Wilshire Blvd. Ste 204, Beverly Hills, Ca. 90211
Debtor: Michael L. Wimberly (Yahoo executive) 
4195 Bouton Dr, Lakewood, Ca. 90712

Hi-Point Townhomes:
 Michael Math, Veronica Love, Medhat Nayel, Michael Wimberly, Tina Cole, Morris Rothe

Michael Wimberly :  YAHOO ! Executive

William E. Sims vs Elizabeth Sims
Filed: 09/21/1977
Doc # 0220099 / Fresno County
Dissolution Minor Children
Bill and Elizabeth separated in 1970; by 09/21/1977 their youngest child, Brad Sims, was 2 days away from turning 24 years old on 09/23/1977.