Monday, November 26, 2012

Where is Mike Wimberly ?

Michael Wimberly was indicted two months ago, but no arrest yet. What ? They can't find him? 

Village 99 LLC : Executive Michael Wimberly 

2005 : HI-POINT TOWNHOMES LLC Hi Point Townhomes LLC is located at 3128 Barbydell Dr Los Angeles, CA 90064. The officers include Medhat Nayel, Michael Math, Morris Rothe : Affiliated with Justin Shrenger, Michael Wimberly, Veronica Love.

Michael Wimberly: Account Executive at Merchant Services of Louisiana.
 Company Address: (Yahoo! headquarters) @ 701 1st Avenue
SunnyvaleCA 94089

Case # 20071891085.: Hi-Point Townhomes LLC,  Michael WimberlyMichael MathMorris Rothe (which is not a person but a Trust affiliated with multiple real estate companies) Tina Cole, Veronica Love,  (probably fictional identities) and William Burton (aka William E. Sims, my father-in-law).

Los Angeles County / Recorder of Deeds
Case # 20071891085
Secured party : Chicago Title Insurance Company
Filing date: 8/13/2007
Amount: $507,893.00
Debtor: Donnell D. Burrow
3796 Westwood, Memphis, Tn 38128
Debtor: Burrows Realty Services
8447 Wilshire Blvd. Ste 204, Beverly Hills, Ca. 90211
Debtor: William C. Burton  (aka William E, Sims)
5100 Obyrnes Ferry Rd. Ste 204, Jamestown, CA. 95327
Debtor: Tina F. Cole (Hi-Point Townhomes)
8447 Wilshire Blved. Ste 204, Beverly Hills, Ca. 90211
Debtor: Veronica Love (Hi-Point Townhomes)
8447 Wilshire Blvd. Ste 204, Beverly Hills, Ca. 90211
Debtor: Michael L. Wimberly (Yahoo executive) 
4195 Bouton Dr, Lakewood, Ca. 90712

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Private Investigators

I hired two private investigators after Brad died, then decided I would have to do my own research. 

The first report, from Howard Eisemann of Able Forensics of San Diego; worth less than the paper it was written on. Cost: $2,500.00.  

The 2nd report, from Randal J. Pissot of the Baker Street Group. Cost: $750.00 (refunded after I complained to the owner of BSG). 

Mr Pissot's report:  

"The assets owned by these folks are minimal.  The real estate that I did locate was not substantial.  In addition, there were no corporate names, LLC’s or partnerships in their names and frankly no indication of any reason to have them.  The bottom line is they have all lived a very moderate life style according to the real estate they own or have owned."

 Hm. Ya. These two guys must've done their investigation while they were sitting on the toilet doing a crossword puzzle. You can read about some of the Sims family corporate activities here and here

You can read more about my activities here.