Monday, April 4, 2011

Justin Shrenger Esq : 550 South Hope Street, 20th Floor, Los Angeles, California 90071

Justin J. Shrenger Esq.

In 2009 I called the attorney who represented Veronica Love in Los Angeles County, (Case #20071891085) ..Michael Wimberly,Veronica Love, Morris Rothe, Tina F. Cole, William C. Burton, Donnell D. Burrows, Burrows Realty Services, et al..The attorney's contact info was in the court records for the case.  He said he went to school with Justin, I don't recall his name.

When I told him my and my husband's name (Brad Sims) he got real excited & said he had a friend who would be SO surprised to hear from me and kept repeating "I can't believe you called me !!  Justin will be SO surprised!! ..I can't believe I'm talking to you !!   ..on & on as if it would be a real treat for his friend Justin Shrenger to hear from me, as if Justin had been searching for me, as if I had disappeared & was now amazingly found. He said he couldn't tell me what it was that he was so excited about, because Justin "would get mad" at him if he did; it would be best for Justin to tell me all about it himself. This guy was absolutely thrilled to have "found" me, and he kept saying he couldn't wait to call Justin & give him my phone number.

But I didn't get a call from Justin so I called his attorney friend again a few days later and asked for Justin's office number...and Justin was certainly NOT happy to hear my voice on the phone. He was very quiet and asked if my husband was a member of the Russian mafia. (I said no, he's not Russian, heh) He also asked for all the real estate research and corporate information I had,  much of which I summarized & sent, via email.

I also called the D.A.'s assistant whose name was on the case : Stephen Nicolopulos. He said he worked in the Los Angeles County Real Estate Fraud Division. I pointed out to Mr. Nicolopulos that Morris Rothe is a fictional identity and Veronica Love looked questionable too. (There are 100's of "Love" Trusts that appear to be affiliated with Michael Wimberly, a Hi Point Townhomes member & Yahoo! executive) In addition I pointed out that the people who the property was taken from and the people it was given back to were all related by many real estate transactions, and some of them were aka's or fictional identities. I thought he seemed very disinterested and discouraging, so I looked at his corporate affiliations to see if there might be a reason for that.

14429 Firmona Ave. Lawndale, CA 90260
01/24/1995 Sold @ $121,700.00    "This home was foreclosed & bank owned"
03/30/1995 Sold @ $205,000.00
07/12/2006 Sold # $754,000.00 Stephen Nicolopulous to Justin Shrenger
07/12/2006 Lender Name: Inter Mountain MTG 
12/30/2009 Sold @ $480,000.00  "This home was Foreclosed & Bank owned"
12/30/2009 Grantor Justin Shrenger, Grantee US Bank National Association Trust, Citigroup Loan 2006 Fx1 (Trust) and C/O Midland Mortgage Co.
10/15/2010 Sold @ $350,000.00

1411 Ellsmere Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90019
08/07/1995 Sold @ $350,000.00
08/23/2004 Sold @ $900,000.00 
10/04/2006 Grantor Stephen Nicolopulos / Grantee Polias Enterprises 
02/16/2007 Loan @ $630,000.00 / Borrower Polias Enterprises
02/27/2007 Grantor Polias Enterprises / Grantee Greenpoint Mortgage Funding
03/01/2007 Grantor Polias Enterprises / Grantee Alice Vickie Math
2008 Assessment Value: $1,198,500.00

12423 Lucille St. Los Angeles 90066
05/31/1979 Sold @$15,500.00
12/21/1993 Sold @ $210,000.00 Seller Michael E. Wise to Justin Shrenger
01/16/2007 Loan @ $745,000.00 to Justin J. Shrenger, Erlinda G. Shrenger
2008 Tax Assessment @ $452,552.00

This home was 2 doors down from where Brad & I lived at 5411 Centinela Ave. It always looked empty. Justin Shrenger is listed as an executive on at least 24 different corporations including Polias Enterprises (affiliated w/Vona Snow - see Ventura County case # 56-2008-00317429-CL-UD-VTA, Vona Snow vs Bennie & Jessica Sims), and Jamul Associates. (See Calif UCC Listings : Bradford Carter Sims, William Carter Sims) and multiple Chinese Investment Corporations.  He's an international attorney who travels to China on a regular basis.

After I deleted Justin Shrenger as a friend on Facebook, I got some messages from his (prior, he said) business partner Justin Evans. I posted those FB messages on the Justin Shrenger pageUnited Diversified Resources (1987) officers were William E. Sims (Brad's father) and Louis Evans. Coincidence or Justin Evan's relative.. it would not surprise me to learn that Louis Evans is related to Justin Evans.

Justin's wife, Erlinda Shrenger, was a (2003)  Deputy Attorney General at the California Department of Justice on Spring Strreet in Los Angeles :

Justin Shrenger stayed on my FB page as a friend for more than a year. He never told me that he was affiliated with my in-laws through Morris Rothe, Hi-Point Townhomes, Peter Braun, Jamul Associates, Polias Enterprises.